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How Restaurant Owners Benefit through Millwork Drafting?

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Kitchen interior designers and architects today are increasingly opting for a mix of different modern yet minimalistic styles to create the ideal kitchen space. They offer stylish kitchen cabinets for their clients to meet the constantly shrinking spaces for restaurants.

Today’s kitchens sport lavish cabinets, drawers, stylish islands and other millwork that is customized to suit the restaurants’ architectural themes and meet the needs. A perfectly built open kitchen has the potential to become the centerpiece of a restaurant, and can raise its style quotient and hence can attract more customers for growth.

On the way to put together the perfect kitchen for their food business, one encounters a series of hassles. These often slow you down which can be accelerated using millwork CAD drafting for taking right design and manufacturing decisions.

Factors affecting kitchen design decision making

1. Utilizing the space: One of the recurring problems that restaurant designers face is that they want to make the most out of their kitchen space- horizontally as well as vertically, but that it should be done in a way that it doesn’t feel cramped. This is a major challenge and can only be solved by customizing the cabinetry taking into consideration as per the dimensions.

2. Time for design curve: We come across countless stories where restaurant owners start building their kitchen up with great pomp but it soon occurs to them that the process is painstakingly time-taking and exhausting. The gloom then sets in and a lot of projects get shelved.

3. Cost factor: Some of the most skilled woodworkers would tell you that the costs of building cabinets from the scratch depend largely on the amount of wastage. If the measurements aren’t precise, the pieces don’t fit together and as a result have to be redone.

Moreover, if the pieces aren’t assembled together perfectly, the furniture runs the risk of getting pulled apart due to wear and tear.

This is why leading millwork developers for restaurants are now warming up to partnering with expert CAD drafting firms to get detailed millwork shop drawings. This helps them ideate much better products, plan their processes flawlessly by eliminating silos and map their resources accurately.

Benefits of millwork drafting to restaurant owners:

1. Quicker execution

One of the biggest advantages of getting kitchen millwork drawings is that these drawings carry all details for the product. It allows everything from prefabrication to seamless custom production resulting in faster and error-free manufacturing. These prefabricated cabinets can then be simply fitted into their designated area as per the plan with a simple, hassle-free maneuver and can save a huge amount of time.

2. Less prone to errors

The cabinet shop drawings prepared with the help of floor plans and the design sketches carry every little detail, from the measurements to the materials used as well as the assembly instructions. These details ensure that all the sections of the cabinetry are manufactured with utmost precision.

This goes a long way in trying to prevent any potential errors, due to which a lot of work might have to be redone, at the cost of way too many man hours and material. Error free manufacturing and assembly of the kitchen cabinets also ensures that they function smoothly and look worth every bit of work that’s gone into crafting them.

3. Ensures durability and aesthetics

Millwork drawings are drafted, taking into account a variety of factors such as type of joinery, type of material, nature of the use, weather of the site, etc. The effects caused due to the prolonged wear and tear are also taken into account, and materials that can withstand them are selected accordingly.

These details help in determining the right kind of materials to be used for the project, and enhance the longevity of the furniture to a great extent.

Moreover, these drawings also help with precisely visualizing the space and determining the exact measurements of the furniture pieces. This helps with zeroing in on the right combinations of materials and joinery that ensures the desired look and feel of the kitchen.

4. Open shelving

If you’re someone who is going for an open kitchen look, and want to showcase the brilliant collection of plates and pans to your audience, Open Shelving might just be the right fit for you. The concept has been becoming increasingly popular among commercial kitchens among those who want the right mix of aesthetics and accessibility.

Open shelves make the space look much more breezy and light, and take away all the confusion caused by remembering what lies where, behind the opaque cabinet doors. This can make the kitchen operations very efficient, especially for restaurants and commercial kitchens where time is of the utmost importance.

5. Storage solutions for smart tech

In today’s world, when we’re surrounded by technology that keeps getting smarter by the second, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of making your kitchen tech-friendly. The proper blend of smart gadgets and a well-designed cabinetry to accommodate them can make your kitchen hours way more fun and relaxed.

You can start with making room for a charging station that keeps all your devices from running out of juice. However, the integration of technology and kitchen cabinetry isn’t just limited to this, and can cover a huge range of hi-tech devices like custom fit Bluetooth speakers and TVs, mood lighting panels, etc.

For those who wish to be in absolute control of the security of their homes, some smart kitchens also provide main door controls and CCTV screens as well.

6. Integrated appliances

Kitchen appliances make for some of the largest contenders when it comes to taking up your kitchen space. If shopped in isolation from one another, they may end up giving out mixed vibes and may not feel cohesive.

A better idea, therefore, would be to go for a seamless look, by integrating all the essential appliances into the cabinetry. This does require a lot of planning and precision, but the end result is every bit worth the blood and sweat that goes into building it.


As the old adage goes, looks can be deceiving. Without detailed drawings for each and every component, even the seemingly minimal kitchen cabinetry can be extremely challenging to put together. Accurate millwork drafting of all the sections, along with the precise measurements as well as detailed manufacturing and assembly instructions takes away any scope for errors.

All in all, it makes much more sense to get the detailed drawings made before you move on to the manufacturing, so that all the design flaws and errors get ironed out during the design phase of the project.

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