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Benefits of 3D Product Configurators to Design Engineers and Manufacturers

There is a heavy increase in customization of products and as a result, customer involvement goes on rising by the day. Manufacturers find it difficult to meet timelines with rising customization and product personalization. This challenge is well addressed using product configurators by accelerating design cycle times and faster time to market.

An online product configurator equipped with logical design rules and integrated with CAD platform can automate tasks such as:

  • Repetitive 3D product modeling
  • Generating manufacturing drawings
  • Creating Bill of Materials
  • Custom sales quotes

How 3D product configurators help designers and manufacturers?

A design automation service expert can help you develop a product configurator tailored to your manufacturing capabilities and product mix. Once you have it deployed it on your site and integrated with CAD system, it can give you benefits such as:

  1. Shorter design times: Automated tools of configurator eliminate repetitive modeling tasks by capturing design intelligence once and using it over and over for custom models.

  2. Reduced errors in drawings: Since manufacturing drawings are automatically generated using automated tools, there are almost zero errors and fit for shop which saves time and reworks.

  3. Faster response to customers: Manufacturers get immediate sales quotes for every custom product and can respond to customers faster with accuracy in delivery dates and price.

  4. Automated BoMs avoiding last minute hassle: Automated BoMs generated quickly lets shop floor engineers know how much quantity of raw material is needed to be arranged in advance.

How to deploy a product configurator?

Product configurator can be developed using any of the following methods:

  • DriveWorks
  • Tacton
  • Autodesk Inventor & iLogic
  • Configurator 360

If you are looking to deploy an interactive 3D product configurator for your business please reach out to us.

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