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Attitudes to Asset Information

Has anyone conducted a survey to ascertain the attitude to asset information, specification, validation and use. This is in respect of :
-The Building Log book
-Health and Safety File
-Asset Data

Whilst there is the NBS annual survey of BIM adoption it does not cover asset information attitudes. I have not seen anything that provides empirical evidence of attitudes in the AEC industry to asset information. The anecdotal evidence I have so far come across suggests that there is a disconnect between those asked to provide it and those who use it. A survey should provide some insight and understanding the landscape of attitudes and misconceptions, concerns and knowledge gaps.
For example, do people generate much of the required documentation or author them. If they generate, how much is automated and where does the data come from? Do they have a process that results in duplicated effort? Do they think it's other people responsibility?

-Do you think a survey is not required?
-Who should conduct the survey?
-Should it be by invitation?
-How should the results be published?
-Who should provide the analysis for future focus?

If you were invited to participate would you?

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Ralph Montague

Hi Tim, not sure if you are aware, but there is a “European Study on the Development of a Framework for Digital Building Logbooks” (safety file / building record)