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What is a Wardley Map?

Develop by Simon Wardley, a "Wardley Map" is a technique of mapping the structure of a business or service, where the individual components of the business/service, needed to serve the customer or user, are classified by the "value" it has to the customer or user, and by the "maturity" of that component, ranging from custom-made to commodity. In this video, Simon Wardley give an introduction to "Wardley Mapping", and explains the benefits to understanding business strategy.

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John Egan

I’ve been using mapping in my businesses for the last two years and it’s value is incredible.

Not just about mapping components but understanding movement of them (gameplay is very useful when mapping competitors), what technology decisions to use (build or buy) or the use of Wardley Doctrine for universally useful patterns. I would encourage anyone to skip the steps that I took and take an introduction to Wardley mapping course (the one By Ben Mosior is great).

Also, there is an incredible amount of resources across YouTube and also a book, by Simon Wardley himself available through Creative Commons license on Medium:

Look forward in learning what I nickname “chess for business strategy” through understanding OODA loops, Sun Tzu’s the art of war and more. Also, if you are not already, follow Simon on Twitter.

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Ammar Berrou

insightful, however just like all maps, they're 2D in a world of a million Ds.
fun fact: if you meet Wardley, let him play IGO instead of Chess, it'll help him better understand Sun Tzo strategies