Discussion on: Introduction to APIs

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Ralph Montague

Probably related to the question above - in the BIM360 "Coordinate" (Glue) workflow, users "glue", or send their individual discipline models to the cloud, and the BIM360 Glue administrator them "merges" these models online to make the "federated model" for the purposes of clash detection, and also to connect to BIM360 Build App (previously Field). Again, these are copies of the models at a point in time, and not the "real-time" live models that are on BIM360 Design. Any data, captured on site through the "Build" App, are associated with these models on BIM360 Coordinate (Glue), until such time as users synchronise with "Glue". So, can API's interact with models on BIM360 Coordinate (Glue)?

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Brendan McFarlane

Hi Ralph, you can access the "live" workshared models but it is a messy and risky process. Using Revit Design Automation you can open a cloud workshared Revit model but it opens it detached from central, not as part of a Revit worksharing session. If you make any changes you need to replace the original central model which has consequences (losing the history, risk of losing synced updates while offline etc...).