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BIM Coordinators Summit 2021

Ralph Montague
Architect, BIM consultant and director at ArcDox, Ireland’s leading BIM consultancy practice.
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The "BIM Coordinators Summit 2021", is a FREE & Virtual Event to "Celebrate" Information Managers, BIM Authors, BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, or AEC professionals who take responsibility to produce, manage & coordinate 'information' about buildings & infrastructure - "the Heroes of AEC" (architecture, engineering construction).
Over 25 top-class international speakers will be their insight and expertise to this event, to recognize the "value of information" and the "value of information managers".
Register & Keep Track of the Event Here:

Watch this short video to understand "WHY" we admire "Information Managers" so much:

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John Egan

Looking forward to this. 1500+ people registered already. Amazing job so far ArcDox team