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Connecting user groups across the world

Hello there! I'm really excited to be in this space, and see how far the work of Ralph and John has come since the birth of the aecHive in 2019. I became connected with Ralph through my work at Autodesk to re-launch a network at Autodesk that coheres, connects, and better supports user groups worldwide across all Autodesk technology. Thus, the Autodesk Group Network was born and launched in Nov. 2019 with passionate group leaders around the world - this included Ralph :)

I feel our vision is similar to the aecHive, but stretches beyond AEC and covers all the industries Autodesk technology serves. We envision a world where people connect in the community to share knowledge and collaborate across firms and industries to improve the use of design technology and make a better world. We work to achieve this by understanding how Autodesk user groups need support and the tools we can provide to grow their communities and combine their knowledge to make change in the world.

A project we just launched is the Community Dojo, an immersive learning website that has knowledge, people, and tools to help people lead successful user groups (both in person and online). We built this with a core set of contributors who have extensive knowledge in the community building field. I invite you to check it out and the Autodesk Group Network!

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Adam Menter

Hi Rachel and Ralph... I'm signed up for this platform now. Looking forward to seeing how this effort evolves.