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aecHive won the Innovation Award

On behalf of the Autodesk Group Network, the aecHive was presented the Innovation Award, in our Outstanding Achievements category.

In the Outstanding Achievements category, there were 4 possible awards, based on groups who went above organizing and leading their own groups, but tested the boundaries of what’s possible with building user communities. When Ralph and John spearheaded the aecHive in 2019, hosting a physical swarm event, they pushed the bounds with a new innovative hackathon model that brought together 14 industry leaders.

In the midst of 2020, they did not let this community cease. They didn't stop with the launch of the aecHive podcast series, hosting 20+ AEC discussions around bridging these sectors and the lack of innovation seen. Thus this platform was built to bring a new online community to the AEC sectors.

The purpose to start the future of AEC innovation is inspiring and takes dedication. I am proud to deliver this award to the aecHive!

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Discussion (3)

bigdoods profile image
John Egan

Fantastic - Thanks Rachel, Adam and the rest of the Autodesk Group Network!

ralph_arcdox profile image
Ralph Montague

Thanks Rachel for the recognition and support from Autodesk Group Network. It is greatly appreciated.

wimtas profile image
Wim Tas

Great achievement Ralph