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Data-Driven Modeling: using Revit Journal files

Since building information modeling has expanded in the AEC industry and enhances the quality, documenting, and functionality of the final product in the design process and the need to use generated data during the modeling process has raised over the years. The data stored in the BIM-related software called journal files contain various information, including user, commands, time, and other values of interest. Although, in recent years, researchers have analyzed data embedded in these log files; there is a lot to do in this area. In this review, we explore all the related papers in data mining in all the construction phases to dive into all the applicability of these stored data. Upcoming research has collected over 100 Q1 journals in data-driven modeling; the purpose is to analyze all the methods and algorithms for researchers and practitioners to implement in developing data-driven modeling approaches.

Currently, I am working on a variety of projects using Revit log files in order to track the performance of each designer and improve the efficiency and proficiency of the team. Here I ask construction firms who are interested in this field to corporate with my projects by providing journal files of their work-sharing environment of Revit software.

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