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About BIM at PMtech

Maria Begouleva
Management experience from the oil and gas industry, civil development and construction services
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My first post will be about PMtech Engineering.
This is an ambitious young team of engineers who, in practice, have been using only the BIM approach in their projects since 2017. Since its inception, the company has been invariably looking for and developing new approaches in the field of capital construction projects, reconstruction, as well as information support services.
Today, PMtech Group employs 150 employees in the company's offices in three countries (Estonia, Ireland, Russia, Belarus), a resident of the High-Tech Park (HTP) since 2019, geography of projects - Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, in a portfolio of 80+ BIM projects.

Join me on social networks, I am always glad to colleagues in the AEC industry and exchange experience in BIM technologies.

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