Discussion on: What Do You Want from a Community Platform?

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Kasper Miller • Edited on

IT would be great if AEChive could become a hub for sharing best practices.

I am thinking of a shared BIM Information Hub, with available best-practice templates, software templates, workflows and so forth. Similar to what Digital Bond Bryan has developed for their company (see picture).

The internet is already beyond cluttered with "surface-level" guidelines and tutorials showing how to use BIM application features or touching on the high-level requirements of BIM documents. However, having consumed many hundreds, if not thousands of hours of such media, I still have not come across proper hands-on, tangible material.


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Alan Mossman

Hi Kasper

I wonder if we don't each have to decide for ourselves what is appropriate for the specific situation(s) we face. In a complex adaptive system there can be no one-right-answer.

As Dave Snowden (see Ralph's post "Innovation, chaos, order" says, the concept of best practice assumes that a social system like the construction sector operates more like a machine than the complex adaptive system that it is.

The best we can do is have, and celebrate, "current good practice". A Danish furniture designer, Hans Wenger, said "Nothing is so good that it cannot be made better".