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Construction Technology Quarterly, Q1 2021

On Thursday afternoon, March 25th, the second Construction Technology Quarterly was presented. Key areas of focus included:

  1. Demographics of Construction - how a secular in working age adults is going lead to a permanent skilled labor shortage, and some thoughts on what to do about it.
  2. Structure of US construction industry - how about 20,000 companies are likely to be the addressable universe, and 400 are the current focus of too many companies
  3. Ideas & frameworks:
    • Update on AI: brief review of pre-trained models and supermassive models like GPT-3
    • Look at connectivity and IPaaS
    • McKinsey's 3 horizons model

The Youtube recording is here: Link

Slides are available here: Link

And of course, you can sign up for the next one in June here: Link

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