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Why BIM proves to be the ideal solution for healthcare construction?

Considering the complex nature of healthcare facilities and the need to enable, the best conditions for patient care, traditional design and construction methods do not suffice. Through the years, a myriad of challenges have been observed in the design and construction of efficient and sustainable healthcare facilities such as:
• Budget overruns
• Rework
• Project delays
• Material wastage

Furthermore, the presence of countless moving parts and objects in healthcare facilities makes it more demanding for every project stakeholder.

BIM has been an undisputed solution that navigates around these challenges to plan, design, construct and manage complex healthcare infrastructure. With accurate 3D visualization, 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimation of the project at every stage, architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and other stakeholders can achieve the required deliverables. In-depth planning and quality control of specialized care including critical care spaces, advanced medical equipment, etc. are crucial to promoting patient treatment and wellness.

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