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Point Cloud to BIM Modeling for Renovation

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Point cloud to BIM enables documenting existing structures, facilities, or buildings through accurate and detailed 3D visualization. Renovation of complex hospitals, airports or other infrastructure brings in its share of challenges. Point cloud to BIM navigates through various renovation challenges and provides stakeholders great advantages. Point cloud to BIM modeling provides enhanced data capture, reduced rework, and greater cost savings with lower site visits.

The conversion of point cloud data to 3D models results in accurate building geometry with complete information required for renovation, documentation, and as-built conditions.

Hitech CADD Services uses its point cloud to BIM expertise to convert complex point clouds to 3D BIM models for global clients and projects. Benefits of point cloud to BIM in renovation projects for architects, designers, contractors, and owners include:

• Quick turnaround
• Enhanced project accessibility
• Greater measurement accuracy
• Improved offsite fabrication
• Accurate onsite installation

This infographic provides a complete snapshot of renovation challenges, global point cloud to BIM adoption, winning projects, processes, and more.

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