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A 5 Step Guide to Create As-Built Models for Heritage Structures from Point Clouds

Building as-built models for heritage buildings is a challenge-ridden process. Construction documents are not necessarily available but still, complex geometries have to be translated into effective logical models. It is here that the need to have a robust step-by-step point cloud to as-built model conversion process is realized.

5 step process to create 2D/3D as-built models for heritage buildings

Here is a simplified process that will allow you to create best-in-class 2D/3D as-built models from point cloud for heritage buildings:

  • First, surveyors must scan all points accurately. To ensure accuracy, different types of scanners – terrestrial, hand-held, etc. must be used.

  • Have a systematic workflow to accurately convert point clouds into Revit models. The right workflow helps combine multiple scans into a single point cloud file and allows you to handle ground control points, efficiently.

  • Import point clouds into modeling tools to create as-built 2D drawings. Carefully trace, view, and navigate point clouds to finalize drawings.

  • Leverage parametric families from Revit to model complex geometries – setting dimensions, etc., which is essential for creating the best heritage building design.

  • Evaluate the quality of each element of the as-built models against requisite parameters, including elevation, sections, 3D view, etc.

It is highly recommended that you have a checklist of best practices to create quality as-built models.

5 best practices to create high-quality as-built models:

  • Use best-in-class scanning equipment and mechanisms
  • Gather all necessary information prior to conversion
  • Accurately match BIM information with scanned data
  • Follow standard dimensional tolerance
  • Have robust QA/QC mechanisms


BIM modeling streamlines the process of the point cloud to 2D/3D model creation, but only when rights steps are followed and that too in the right order. For effective implementation, seek the assistance of BIM experts to optimize your time and cost.

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