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5D BIM - Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs Process

As the investment in construction industry expands, cost estimation of building construction and infrastructure development projects becomes a more critical task for contractors and construction firms. Developing accurate BOQs from the final blueprints with manual calculations as done pre-BIM era was tedious, time-consuming and often misleading. However, today with BIM platforms and 5D BIM modeling, generating accurate BOQs and cost of entire project is easy.

Platforms like Autodesk Revit help engineers and architects to calculate the exact order quantity of building construction material, building products, and other needs with appropriate logistics in advance. Based on the order quantities, the surveyors, contractors and planners can extract the Bill of Materials and combine it with labor costs to derive the total project costs.

Working with BIM has essentially eased the process and achieve more accurate outcomes. When additional dimensions of time and cost are added to 3D BIM coordinated models, 5D BIM models are generated with BOQs in form of .xls files and reports. Read more about the 5D BIM process here.


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