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April 22nd Glimpse Event Agenda

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9:00 - DJ Gibbs - Gammon Construction
9:15 - Matthew Donnison - RIB Software
9:30 - Sanjay Mistry - VIM
9:45 - Jaimie Johnston - Bryden Wood
10:00 - John Lohan - Integrated Project Delivery
10:15 - Break
10:30 - Tolis Chatzisymeon - Nomitech
10:45 - Adam Lamping - thinkproject
11:00 - John Egan - BIMLauncher
11:15 - Tom Bartley - Barbal
11:30 - Tejas Thomas - Novade
11:45 - Matt Coniam - The Data Company
12:00 - Event closes - all attendees are welcome to join an open Zoom chat room

Presentation Synopses
9:00 - DJ Gibbs - Gammon Construction is one of Hong Kong’s largest main contractors and is 50% owned by Balfour Beatty. Gammon is one of the first organisations in the world to achieve BSi certification for Innovation Management and prides itself on being the digital contractor of choice in the region. This talk will discuss how Gammon achieved the certification along with some of the developments, partnerships and successes they have realised with their subsidiary, Digital-G.

9:15 - Matthew Donnison - RIB Software is a pioneering enterprise committed to driving innovation and technological advances in the construction and real estate industries. Our iTWO costX product is used throughout the world for takeoff and estimating, especially with regards to BIM. We’ll show a live demonstration importing a model received from the design team, carry out a quantity take-off, cross-reference the extracted data against the 2D drawings, and finally take that information and produce a cost estimate in a format that can be presented directly to the client.

9:30 - Sanjay Mistry - VIM offers an efficient, compact, and open-spec 3D data interchange format to quickly transport design data and geometry from Revit and other BIM sources such as real-time engines and 3D editors. We take convert Revit BIM to real-time immersive experiences in seconds, giving users a significant business advantage as they reduce project costs and delivery schedules.

9:45 - Jaimie Johnston - Bryden Wood - There has never been such an acute, and growing, gap between the need to create more and better transport and social infrastructure, and our industry’s capability to do so. This session will talk through the combination of digital workflows and manufacturing approaches that are allowing dramatic increases in the speed, cost effectiveness and sustainability with which we design and deliver our built environment.

10:00 - John Lohan - Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) - A Better Way to Deliver – John will introduce the key components of the IPD model, provide examples of their past experiences and a glimpse of the potential future benefits.

10:30 - Tolis Chatzisymeon – Nomitech is a leading software company providing innovative and advanced cost estimating software systems for project owners, contractors, engineers and designers. CostOS BIM Estimating delivers true value engineering on project decisions and support.

10:45 - Adam Lamping - thinkproject is a global leader in construction intelligence. Our digital technologies unlock the potential of people and information to help construct a better world. From BIM to CDE, thinkproject has provided smart solutions for the construction industry since 2000.

11:00 - John Egan - BIMLauncher enables the streamlined flow of data between project management solutions such as Oracle Aconex, Procore, Autodesk Build, BIM360 and PlanGrid, and in turn enables cost, time and risk reduction on projects. Support side by side use of supported platforms on a project or make the one time migration process for project data between solutions a breeze!

11:15 - Tom Bartley – Barbal - From contracts and standards through to feasibility reports and tender documents, text documents continue to be an essential part of delivering construction projects. It’s an area that still causes too much administrative pain where even minor version control issues can result in disputes. Barbal is a new collaborative document editor that manages documents as content, not files. Draft in private and share when ready. We automate all the merging and allow content to be reused and adapted across documents, like back-to-back contracts.

11:30 - Tejas Thomas – Novade - Drive improvements on the field in terms of Quality, Safety and Productivity all while collecting valuable datasets for analytics. Join us on this talk to explore how the challenges of data fragmentation on the field can be overcome to generate operational efficiencies.

11:45 - Matt Coniam - The Data Company - Maximise the value from data in all areas of your organisation and beyond to get a unique view of your business. The Data Company simplify the process of connecting to data sources building holistic, intelligent reporting for all levels of a construction operation. We help identify and action opportunities for efficiency, automation and integration. Once collated, your data then provides the opportunity to use advanced tools such as decision trees, AI and ML.

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