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Why do you need music for your video blog?

Modern marketing sees musicians as satisfying people's needs "to digest food to something more in tune with the evening news."

Your video blog will sound in a new way

Make your next online video incredible by adding attention-grabbing copyright free music. From unobtrusive instrumental parts to modern synth-pop - whatever your blog post is about, you can find a high-quality track on the Internet. Plus, when you choose a track for your video blog on InAudio, you don't have to worry about possible copyright issues. Since the music you can find on this platform is royalty-free, your online videos will not be blocked or complained about.

Is it necessary or not?

Almost always, when creating a video blog, additional music is superimposed on the video. Some people like the use of background music in a blog, and some believe that it is unacceptable to use sound as a design element, the natural rustling, gurgling and background will be empty. The decision to use music and sound effects on your blog is entirely up to you, but take some advice. They will help you make the right choice.

As you know, musical tastes are in direct proportion to the age, gender, and psycho type of a person. The music composition you choose is more likely to create a comfortable state because it matches the musical tastes of your target audience.

Music affects the atmosphere of the video

Musical and sound design, like the interior, evokes very strong emotions: it makes you think, feels sad or happy, relaxed, or dance. There are countless musical genres, and this is no accident because each of them touches on different facets of emotions. Therefore, an individual playlist is selected for each video, depending on how you want to influence the audience. Music choices are just as important as writing a script for a video blog.

Music can both attract new people to your page and scare away old ones, such as too loud sound, inappropriate genre, or simply poor-quality recording.

The right mix of decor, actors, and music genre will give the desired result, creating the right atmosphere and mood for your audience to watch.

Use quality sound

Working at a computer and listening to your videos in the background should not bother people with low-quality sound or interference.

The Internet, especially its video-containing part, is a medium of visual information. And music in a blog most often has neither semantic nor functional load, therefore it should not cause discomfort to the viewer.

The music score shouldn't slow down the video loading speed

In addition to your voice and typical sound, your video contains an additional sound element. Before launching the video on the network, you will need to work hard to ensure that the video download is fast and it does not freeze.

How to download

I like to use ProstoPlayer to download music to videos. This program has several advantages:

  • Presence of a scroll bar
  • High-quality blog insertion and listening
  • Download tracks only in Mp3 format

The main drawback is the size limitation. That is, you will not be able to download a radio recording with one track. You will need to upload the record in parts or upload it to another hosting (for example, Yandex. video).

And one more important point. If you insert more than 2 tracks into a topic, then try to form a playlist from those tracks that you wanted to add, and embed it, and not a bunch of tracks separately. What will it give? If you embed all the tracks individually, the page will load more slowly than if you embed a playlist.


To freely reproduce musical compositions, you need to obtain permission for their public performance.

To fully conclude contracts for the use of copyright legal players' rights. Performing copyrighted works publicly without special permission worldwide. To get permission, you need to buy a license of a certain type according to your requirements.

Similar contracts are paid, which is the main problem for small and medium-sized businesses, they are not used to paying for music and, unfortunately, do not apply to someone else's intellectual property.

Music law exists and is better protected online than in the real world. So that your channel is not blocked and your blog is banned, use music honestly.

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