CONDAP Project
CONDAP Project

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Digital Skills for Workplace Mentors in Construction Sector Apprenticeships (CONDAP) Online Course

Reaching out to the construction sector professionals! These could be:
· Company mentors
· Employers in the construction sector
· Construction workers with responsibilities in training
· Training providers
· Apprentices in the construction sector
· Representatives and associations of employers and employees in the sector
· Stakeholders and policy makers.
CONDAP partnership (funded by Erasmus+) finalised the learning materials and launched the Vocational Open Online Course (VOOC). The course is freely available on the Open Learning platform: (short registration is required)
We are looking for validation of the online course and the learning materials. Your participation will enhance your digital skills in the construction industry and also will help us assess the educational value and effectiveness of the CONDAP learning materials in improving learners’ knowledge, skills, and competences.
You can leave your feedback in the survey:
This will provide us with useful feedback for the optimisation and revision of the materials and the course.

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