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Building People

We're creating connections across the built environment to address the industry challenges of skills, diversity & social value. Here's a quick overview of our 'aggregating and connecting' platform:

  • One underpinning platform that aggregates built environment vacancies, resources, organisations, knowledge and information, adding value to the websites of others without disrupting the user experience.

  • One website that can be white labelled, meaning that providers with the reach into diverse audiences benefit from aggregating and connecting tech at very low costs.

  • One social enterprise bringing together 30+ organisations and initiatives that work with diverse communities to facilitate built environment careers.

  • One vision of a built environment that improves social and economic value by being better connected and more diverse and inclusive, with access to the talent it needs to solve its current and future challenges.

  • No duplication of effort, simply holistic collaboration.

Want to get involved? It's easy - just join in here:

or here...

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