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Is this the right place?

I just presented Carbon Counting Calculators for Environmental Infrastructure to a Rail and Construction, MS Teams, international audience. This is a MS Excel Whole Building (or other entities) Calculator, version 1 is published and Version 2 (of 27) is being developed now, Infrastructure is currently a lowish priority (Version 10). I am currently developing In-use and Embodied Energy, carbon and sequestered carbon and Life Cycle analysis. One day this has to become a BIM App. (Currently planned at Version 20).
Is this the right place to be discussing it?
Sorry to intrude if not.

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Duncan Lithgow

Hi Brian. Is this planned as a commercial product? If you're thinking to make it openly available and integrate it with open standards and file formats you might want to also check in with There's lots of technical know-how for software development and libre/opensource libraries that can be included in projects. I know that Cyril ( ) has been working on how this information is (should be) stored in IFC files and how to extract and handle this LCA data in meaningful ways using buildingSMART standards. I've also been looking into how Material Passports can store information like embodied energy for materials and how these can be stored as part of a whole model file. If some of that sounds interesting feel free to drop into the osarch forum for a chat.

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Ralph Montague

Hi Brian. Absolutely. This is the right place. "Innovation" in AEC is all about making the built environment "Better". And understanding "carbon", to improve performance and outcomes, is a BIG part of that. How can people engage with the work you are doing? What help do you need from the community?