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Connecting the CDE with a data integration between Oracle Aconex and Autodesk PlanGrid


BIMLauncher, industry leading solutions provider for project data integrations, adds integration between PlanGridⓇ, part of Autodesk Construction Cloud™ and Oracle Aconex.


In this blog we articulate the value of data interoperability and having project data available in a Common Data Environment (CDE). We also dig into how customers can connect their data that lives in PlanGrid and Aconex.


The CDE is defined in ISO19650 as the single source of truth of all digital information for a project. This is rarely a single technology solution, but multiple solutions that are distributed across different stages of the project and owned and operated by different stakeholders during the course of the project.

Managing the exchange of files across solution boundaries can easily result in inefficient manual processes. Companies might dedicate resources throughout a project to perform regular checks to ensure teams have access to the most up-to-date project data in their respective collaboration environments.


BIMLauncher provides data integration services to enable construction teams to share project data between the many different digital collaboration platforms used on construction projects today.

We believe our users should have freedom of choice for the solutions they deploy on projects, and these solutions should work together in harmony. This is why BIMLauncher has developed automated technologies to enable a seamless exchange of data between various solutions used on construction projects -- BIMLauncher integrations automate the exchange of project data according to your project information management policies. The integration between PlanGrid and Aconex provides one such example of our technology in action.

Service Overview

When your design teams publish documents in Aconex with a status indicating that the documents are ready to transition to your on-site teams, BIMLauncher’s software does that immediately and automatically.

BIMLauncher's integrations are designed to maximise native compatibility across the solutions it integrates. For example, our software can filter the various document types originated in Aconex and sort them accordingly in PlanGrid -- so project drawings are automatically sorted into PlanGrid Sheets and other documents such as PDFs with supplier information are sorted accordingly in Document folders.


We understand the importance of trust in connecting your systems and how critical these types of connections are to your business operations. This is why we build our team's support into our service.

We also understand the importance of maintaining a CDE and single source of truth, so we make the logs of our software available to you which creates a clear and auditable record of how data has been managed between Aconex and PlanGrid.

“We look forward to continuing to exceed our customers’ expectations and delivering project success through our enterprise solution connecting Autodesk Construction Cloud’s PlanGrid with Oracle Aconex.”
John Egan, CEO

Customer Success

BIMLauncher has performed data integrations for leading contractors in Australia, delivering integrations between Aconex and construction platforms with the highest degree of customer success and satisfaction.

BIMLauncher supports “openBIM” and associated open standard initiatives to achieve a greater level of interoperability for CDE solutions e.g. BuildingSMART OpenCDE-API working group and the Open Information Container Initiative.

Engaging with us

We are delighted to extend our services to support PlanGrid customers who need a continuous and reliable connection with the Oracle Aconex platform.

Through our partnership, we hope to continue supporting and meeting our customer needs.

Please visit Autodesk Construction Cloud's integrations website or BIMLauncher integrations website to learn more about BIMLauncher’s integration between Oracle Aconex and PlanGrid.

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Nathan WOod

Great stuff, John! It looks like this is mainly a document push from Aconex to PlanGrid without much metadata tranfer. Can you expand upon what (if any) project metadata fields are maintained through the integration?

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John Egan Author

Thanks for your comment, Nathan! You are correct in your observation. We design our integrations to maintain as much integrity in the data as is possible but since PlanGrid does not support metadata in their Documents/Sheets tools we were limited in our capability here.

The metadata on the Documents is used to carry the document along the right workflow i.e "Is this a Drawing", "if so, is this a PDF" (required for compatibility with the Sheets tool)(If not, our system alerts the Document controller).

You will also note that Aconex does not use folders to organise Documents and prefers to offer users an "advanced filtering" feature on the metadata to find Documents. Since PlanGrid Documents tool uses a folder based system, we offer sorting on the Documents in the Documents tool via the metadata values i.e by Discipline, by Status, by Type or none.

It should be noted here that this solution was developed as part of the market strategy to enable PlanGrid to co-exist with Aconex on a project which means that both tools will be in Sync re: Documents/Drawings and the metadata about a document will still be maintained in the Aconex system.

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Nathan WOod

Thank you for the thorough response! I would love to document that exact scenario in CDX and hopefully have you be able to present and talk about it on a future Virtual Roundtable. Keep up the great work!!