Discussion on: Connecting the CDE with a data integration between Oracle Aconex and Autodesk PlanGrid

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John Egan Author

Thanks for your comment, Nathan! You are correct in your observation. We design our integrations to maintain as much integrity in the data as is possible but since PlanGrid does not support metadata in their Documents/Sheets tools we were limited in our capability here.

The metadata on the Documents is used to carry the document along the right workflow i.e "Is this a Drawing", "if so, is this a PDF" (required for compatibility with the Sheets tool)(If not, our system alerts the Document controller).

You will also note that Aconex does not use folders to organise Documents and prefers to offer users an "advanced filtering" feature on the metadata to find Documents. Since PlanGrid Documents tool uses a folder based system, we offer sorting on the Documents in the Documents tool via the metadata values i.e by Discipline, by Status, by Type or none.

It should be noted here that this solution was developed as part of the market strategy to enable PlanGrid to co-exist with Aconex on a project which means that both tools will be in Sync re: Documents/Drawings and the metadata about a document will still be maintained in the Aconex system.

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Nathan WOod

Thank you for the thorough response! I would love to document that exact scenario in CDX and hopefully have you be able to present and talk about it on a future Virtual Roundtable. Keep up the great work!!