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Andrew Cole
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AEC Afterhours Gaming Community


A few of us are looking to gather some of the AEC industry that would be interested in building a community of gaming. If you are interested in playing a few games with your fellow AEC specialists in a casual format for a few laughs and banter, please feel free to join this discord channel.

This initiative will start as a laid back environment to socialize in the Digital space; a twitch stream so that not everyone needs to play to enjoy the conversation. Pour a drink, close your BIM model, and lets explore some games together.

As the discord grows we can look into things that are slightly more structured - perhaps team games, perhaps topics and game pairings, who knows! If this journey sounds interesting to you, please come along!

Andrew Cole, (@arrcole ) (Coleslaw).

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John Egan

Sounds awesome! Great to have you all here. Welcome!