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a "Reality Check" for digital in AEC

How far have we come in our journey towards a better Built Environment delivered through digital technology?

With the AECHive community, we are launching the first WorldWide survey to find out - #get_the_word_out #join_in

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It has been:

Whichever way you look at the history of BIM, we have been on the road to digitalising the Built Environment for some time now. But how far have we progressed beyond the hype and the headlines, the press releases by software vendors, and the Hollywood-style presentations at conferences?

What is the reality of our industry in the design offices, in the planning offices and at the site? Are we still mostly using digital paper? Or are we unshackling ourselves from spreadsheets and PDFs? Are we starting to manage and transform our work and the industry itself through data?

The Reality Check survey is here to answer these questions. Going beyond the various national, discipline-specific, and commercially-driven surveys that already exist, the Reality Check will offer a truly global reference that’s accessible to the entire AEC community. Inspired by the Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey, and with the help of our supporters around the world, we aim to make this the largest community-led data gathering project for the construction industry.

To the AEC community, this is your opportunity to share your digital reality and, through crowdsourcing, to help create reliable benchmarks for comparison.

Our commitment to you is to share the results and analysis free of charge, to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone benefits from reflecting on our shared reality.

Join us - take the survey.

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