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Welcome Innovator!

This is a public community where you can connect with fellow innovators, receive help, share advice, and discuss anything and everything related to innovation across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

Please introduce yourself in this thread. Consider sharing:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What are you interested in? (suggest some #tags that describe your interests!)

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John Egan Author • Edited on

Hi everyone!

I'm co-founder and member #1 of the aecHive community platform.

I'm also CEO of BIMLauncher, BuildingSMART UK&I technical lead, BuildingSMART OpenCDE-API working group member and founding member of the Open Information Container Initiative.

I enjoy creating innovative ways of working for businesses that operate in the construction sectors.

Tags: #OICI, #BuildingSMART

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Duncan Lithgow


I'm just some guy who supports more openness, less vendor lock-in, open data, free/libre software.

My education is as an architect from New Zealand and as an Architectural Technician and Project Manager in Denmark.

I'm pretty active over at where we're pulling the threads together for a full foss pipeline for AECO. Feel free to say hi over there if that's something you're interested in.

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Adrian Wildenauer

Hello all
I am delighted that Ralph has invited me to join this community. I am a civil engineer and first came into contact with digital methods when I did my Masters in Nottingham in 2002. It's been a long time since not only BIM has evolved, but I've also had the opportunity to gain some experience.
I am currently the discipline manager for standards and specifications at the Swiss Federal Railways SBB AG, based in Bern, Switzerland. I am also doing my PhD at the University of Prague, where I am researching the necessary data to enable smart applications in the operational phase. If you have the time, I would be happy to take part in this questionnaire.
For now, stay safe, take care and a fabulous 2021!

fm #19650 #bim ;-)

You can find the questionnaire in English, German and Czech here:

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I am the founder of , the OpenBIM data server and online viewer.
I work in Dubai Municipality as BIM expert.
Among my interrest are IFC, simulation and graph databases

I published about 20 paper during my academic work in TU Dresden , Germany
Linkedin profile:

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Hi everyone,

I am Francesco Pirritano, excited to join this community.

Based in London with 5+ years of experience, I am BIM Consultant/Manager and Director at IMDE Ltd, a Digital Design & BIM Consultancy company. I recently took part in courses such as RICS and BRE Academy in BIM Management and Python/Dynamo to focus more on implementation, automation, and processes strategies.

I am interested in #BIM #OpenBIM #AEC #Automation #Scripting #Innovation #Technology #Data #InformationManagement #QualityAssurance #DesignThinking #IPD

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Ralph Montague

Hi Francesco,
You are very welcome to the aecHive community. We hope you find it engaging, and look forward to your contributions. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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BrianSpecMan Murphy

Architect by training currently an Excel number cruncher making Green Building Calculator Version 2 during lockdown. I want better competent buildings, I write robust specifications, I do not want contractors to substitute to make the building worse, I want clients to get what they asked for and I want building to perform well. I want building designers to have easy low cost access to Whole Building Carbon calculator with Bill of Quantities, materials and product datasets to analyse their designs. So proper Value Engineering and not cost cutting in disguise can happen.

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Boom & Bucket

Hey everyone!

Boom & Bucket over here. We're a new startup based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We're working on building a new tech-enabled platform to enable contractors to easily buy and sell used heavy equipment. Our team has spent time working at Caterpillar and before that we were at a company called Yard Club (acquired by Caterpillar in 2017).

Our team sits at the intersection of technology and equipment. We're trying to shift the used construction equipment industry from analog procurement processes (i.e., driving to an in-person auction, bidding on a machine, getting surprised by hidden maintenance issues) to digital (i.e., think Carvana or Amazon).

Tags: #construction, #equipment, #telematics, #fleetmanagement

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Alan Mossman

Ralph - thanks for the invitation; John - thanks for setting this up. I really like the wording of the code of conduct. It is good to know you both.

As you will see from my profile I bring some knowledge, understanding and skills in architecture, design, collaboration, systems thinking, organisation development, variation, quality and lean to my work as a socio-technical systems consultant.

I am currently working at the intersection of lean thinking and construction 4.0. I am concerned that too much is being automated before it is improved so that waste generation is speeded up (as well as what we want). This is not good for people or the planet.

I want to work out how to encourage more aec customers/clients/owners to procure their new construction in ways that promote collaboration throughout the construction supply chain. This will help them get their projects delivered at a lower cost, more safely, on-time and with more of the scope that they value, while the supply chain delivers with higher margins. I know this is possible. It is already happening.

I look forward to discussing this in this forum.

not sure why the hashtags need to be larger than the text ???

collaboration #leanconstruction #construction4.0 #procurement #integration #Construction_is_broken #design-bid-build #rework #adversarial #procurement, #construction–contracts #complexity #complex-adaptive-systems #casualisation #productivity #flow #digitisation #just-in-time #JIT #construction-logistics #critical-path-method #value #transaction-costs #organisational-structure #systems-thinking

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Paul Surin

Hi everyone,

I am Paul Surin, excited to join this community. I globally lead Built Environment for IBM. I am also responsible for the engineering, construction & operations segment within IBM. I have been chairing Construction Products Europe Digitalisation Task Group since 2016, working at b/555 and CEN TC442 since 2015.

I am interested in #AI #platforms #automation #innovation #data #blockchain #IoT #edge #informationmanagement #standards #regulations

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John Egan Author


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BIM consultant with D-studio and guest professor KU Leuven (Belgium).
Member of buildingSMART Benelux, CEN/TC 442 and CLUSTER Digital Construction (Belgium).
Interested in #BIM, #openBIM, #3D, #IFC but also a variety of tools (Archicad, Solibri, Unity, Ableton, Logic, Blender).

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Amadeu Magalhães

Hi everyone

I'm Amadeu, I got my architectural degree at Porto School (in Portugal) and since 2008 I've been working in Paris, France.

Since 2012, I work in a 80-person architectural practice (PCA-STREAM), where I've been trying to implement an Design Technology approach (not easy...)

I'm largely interested in all new technology, specially the one related to the architectural project development

tags : #aec #innovation #desing #technology

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Chris Smeaton • Edited on

Hi Everyone, I have been meaning to join the community for some time now. Looking forward to getting involved and have thought-provoking conversations, I am the Digital Practise Leader for Vietnam and Singapore at Aurecon.

I am interested in anything digital, #ISO19650 and standard related and have been working on delivering the vision of Smart Cities and #Digital twins for clients across Asia. Aurecon is an engineering firm and I have also worked for large multi-discipline companies in the UAE and also have 10 years experience in Landscape and Urban planning.

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Louise Fitzpatrick

I’m an AT working for a Engineering and CSA Project Management Consultant company. My day involves project co- ordination from concept right through to execution. Have contributed to one BIM project hence feel like I am navigating through mostly unknown waters. I hope to gain much knowledge and tips and as I become more confident, contribute!
I am interested in BIM and completed BIM course in CIT a few years ago. I am hoping to keep up to date as it develops..
I am looking forward to getting involved.

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Ian Murphy

Hi, I'm Ian based in Dublin Ireland. For last 30years or so I have been involved in Engineering drafting. Starting on the boards as a Summer Job placement. Last number of years I've been working in the Water/Wastewater Sector in Ireland. Recently achieved qualification in BIM and looking forward to the journey.

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John Egan Author

Hi Ian. Welcome!

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Ian Murphy

Thanks John!...Happy Friday

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Oleksii Kaiukov • Edited on

Hello from Ukraine. I'm BIM Engineer Construction, BIM Coordinator.

Last more 2 years I working on mining company and create Constructions using #BIM.
In next several years I want change my job to Architecture area or something similar.

Interested new #Technology, #BIM, #Revit, #Architecture. I want use and improve new methods in BIM.
I think what BIM is combination construction industry and new technology.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

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Hi All,

I’m Kenny, I’m based in London and I’m currently working on some residential and commercial Projects in north London. My area of expertise lies in #detailing and #construction technology
As well as another area of interest is the #building envelope and #facade treatment

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Ahmad Alothman

Hello everyone

Hope you all safe and doing well,

I want to thank Mr.Ralph for inviting me to a nice platform.

I'm almost to complete my master's degree in India in Construction Engineering and Management, my project is related to BIM. Now I'm looking forward to completing my Ph.D in the domine of complaining Lean and BIM in project Lifecycle, I'm in the beginning stage.
It is my pleasure to get any information or suggestion to improve my Idea.

Best Regard.

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Inderpal Singh Arora

Hey ya'll! I am Inderpal from Packt Publishing, looking to collaborate with ADK Inventor experts for writing a book. If you're passionate about sharing your knowledge with the community, I'd be glad to share proposals at

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I'm an Architect by education, Senior BIM specialist @ BIM One Inc.
Enjoy breaking and fixing all things AEC related.
I try a lot of software and tinker in python to improve some of them.
Attempting to get things done in a more automated manner I contribute and use extensively pyRevit

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Paul Toner • Edited on

Hi everyone,
I am Paul Toner.

I have been an architectural technician for 24+ years, with a huge interest in BIM.
I am employed at RPP Architects, in Belfast and there I deal with internal standards outlay, managing hardware and software, as well as providing the company with PIM, TIM and BIM Coordinator roles.
Never a dull day!
Love to learn more about the craft, via this excellent endeavour!
Kindest regards

PS Most of our processes are OpenBIM based and not A***desk centric.

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Jamel Dilmi

Hi everyone,
Many thanks to Mr. Ralph that has invited me to join this community. I am an assistant professor in Architectural engineering at King Abdul Aziz University. I am a founder of benyantech foundation ( I am interested in building technology, BIM, Green Building and sustainable design.

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Sandra Brennan

Hi All, thanks to Ralph also for the invitation - I am a recruitment manager responsible for engineering resourcing projects with over 26 years experience in most industry sectors. Very interested in career development, advice and assistance to candidates and clients in what is generally a business focused on fees generated.

careers #greenenergy #engineering #futureofwork #flexibleworkingsolutions

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Daryl Baxter • Edited on


  1. Writer
  2. Software & Downloads Writting at techradar
  3. #Unity #Ableton #Logic #Blender).
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I am a technician, administrator of, one of the most popular forums about CAD and BIM in Spanish.

I am also 50% of DeliTalks podcast

AECO #BIM #delineacion

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David Heavey

Hi All,
So during my career so far I have been Architect, Engineer, BIM Manager and Project Manager but now I have eventually decided it is time to get serious so I am completing a MSc in Software for AI.

I have been on the journey common to many of initially wanting all the data in one place to then linking the model to a database to finally understanding its really all about systems integration and having a 3D model that is just that.

Currently using tools like Python and Javascript to explore Digital Twin integrations, eg. Autodesk Forge but also exploring XR and Synthetic Datasets for AI. Latest example is of a computer vision object recognition model trained on some test chess pieces ( created in Blender), the key now is to get it to reliably recognize the real thing which is really more about the photo image quality. Learning lots.

Looking forward to the discussion here.

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Hi I am an Project Controller cum Contract Specialist in Mega Infrastructure Projects Highways, Tunnel & Major Bridge .

I am looking for New assignment at UAE or Canada .

bksom1970 profile image

I am Working as General Manager for 5.431 km Tunnel and 125 Km National Highways projects on EPC mode in India.