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Start-Ups in AEC Unite! How can AecHive help you?

Tl;dr Startups - We want to give some focus on the platform to the next generation of innovators and we need your input - Comment below

Community Focus Update

Over the last 18 months, we have heard from all walks of industry innovators from CEOs of scaling startups to the best paid tech innovators in established AEC Firms. We want to give some focus on the platform to the next generation of innovators. Those that have started or are thinking about starting innovation focused companies, product companies, consulting companies, building a platform business, or business that responds to a niche in the industry. We want to hear success stories and the knock backs you have had - and most importantly - we want to help you succeed on your journey!

Use us to reach your target audience by engaging with the community_ Startups have a couple of different options to engage with this platform and it starts with engagement.

AecHive can be viewed as a platform to reach customers or other potential collaborators; It can be a marketing/sales channel via informative articles on the platform; to help educate others on the need that your business or product solves. Nobody really likes direct advertising, so use this as an opportunity to engage the community in discussion rather than selling to them.

As a startup you can contact us to get your first podcast opportunity with co-hosts and hosts Ralph Montague and John Egan, or alternatively you can create a post on the AecHive platform to reach the community.

The AECHive network is growing and there are hundreds of innovators and companies alike on the platform just waiting to hear about your solution!


AecHive is trying to establish a list of needs to support startups and we need your inputs. Please add a list of comments of what you are trying to aecHive and what resources you are missing that we can help with...

Here are some of our thoughts from the last community strategy meeting:

Startup Needs

  • Customers
  • Financing
  • Runway
  • More (alot!) ... What do we prioritise?

AecHive Capabilities

  • Competition overview - Other products with same capabilities
  • Current market research/ reports/ opportunities
  • User case / Niche definition
  • Personas Customer Definition (who is a site manager?, Who is a…)
  • Business planning
  • Having a clear “value proposition” that you can articulate (in seconds, minute, presentation, etc)
  • Developing sales pipeline
  • Robust Cashflow projections/forecasting
  • Financing options available
  • Customer relationship management (and “success” management, for repeat business)
  • Technology ecosystem landscape analysis
  • Exposure to network
  • Validation of idea / product
  • Customer success management
  • Development roadmap
  • Personnel / Skills
  • developers/ marketing / sales/ product / design

Please add your further recommendations and feedback on these ideas in the comments. We are looking forward to including you in the conversation!

Discussion (4)

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Dr. Houssem Jerbi

A platform that facilitates connections between startups and "clients" interested in innovation in AEC is missing in Ireland. Depending on their development stage, startups will need to share their use-cases, seek feedback/validation of their idea, or a business partner for pilot projects, joint applications to an innovation funding, etc.
Also, having a "panel" of AEC experts who may advise startups on one of the areas under the listed AecHive capabilities would be priceless. For example, in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and LEO provide mentor support but they have very limited AEC expertise amongst their panel of advisors.

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John Egan Author

We are doing a clubhouse room where startup founders in AEC share there experiences next Wedensday 24th at 4.45pm. Hope to see you all there! My username is bigdoods - Find me and follow me

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Ralph Montague

John, it would be useful I think, to explain the term "runway" in a bit more detail, as one of the primary "needs" for start-ups.

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Ralph Montague

According to "Runway" is the amount of time until your startup goes out of business, assuming your current income and expenses stay constant. Typically calculated by dividing the current cash position by the current monthly burn rate.