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How to find the ideal Client as an AEC startup (Clubhouse 👋)

Having held the first of the aecHive clubhouse room on February 24th, where we heard introductions from different founders across the AEC industry, it was time to create topics on areas of focus that would benefit Startup founders.

The first "official" topic that we decided upon as a group was on how to find the ideal client.

The discussion took place on March 3rd and the following notes can be attributed to our moderator for the session and AecHive stellar member, Alain Waha, as follows:

Not one person!

  • the client = the end construction client;
  • the customer = the people we raise the invoice to
  • the buyer = the individual who decides & has the budget
  • the user = who get value from the product
  • the hero; wants to be innovator; want to sponsor


  • Digital understanding / digital maturity (they have data - for example)
  • resilience to risk
  • value systems / belief
  • has an innovation culture / innovation procurement
  • organisation has curious users
  • post Angel stage; willing to pay; might have a tactical obstruction;

We hope these notes stand the test of time and help someone in need of advice surrounding this topic. Please feel free to drop some comments/questions below and tune in to the AecHive room on Clubhouse each Wednesday evening to get involved in the discussion that aims to support AEC focused startups!

Thanks to all involved!


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Penn State has a great resource for BIM for owners.
It describes much of what you described above @john