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aecHive: Birth of a community platform for AEC innovation

As co-founders of aecHive, 2020 was an important year for us as we developed our idea for an open innovation community for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors. It started as something to encourage innovation, research and development in AEC but thanks to you, our community, it has since grown a new life with a clear purpose to deliver on a need for a platform for AEC innovation, built together on an open framework.

The community activity to date has captured the minds and had huge support thanks to ...

  • 365 followers on LinkedIn,
  • 1,420 on twitter,
  • 100+ strong slack group
  • 200+ signed up to the aecHive Mailing list.

… We also held one hackathon (Swarm), connected with 14 influential industry leaders to bring you their views on innovation through the aecHive podcast and created partnerships with fantastic organisations including …

  • CITA (Construction Alliance)
  • Building People
  • UK BIM alliance
  • AEC Hackathon
  • Shadow Ventures
  • Thornton Tomasetti Core

and we are not stopping there!

What we really learned from this past year is that there is lots of amazing innovation happening in silos across different communities that all shared the same goal - to improve our built environment through innovation. We knew we needed to bring the people that made up these communities together and when we came across the community platform, we were astounded by the success of the community they had created for software developers. It was apparent that this platform aggregated a community that shared and learned together and upon the realisation that they shared the same “open” ethos to aecHive, we got in touch with them immediately and have been working in close contact since to bring a new online community to the AEC sectors that we can call our own.

Together, we are at the start of this journey of a new era of connecting the AEC sectors and communities within it and we are committed to uniting them under the one roof.

From co-founders John Egan and Ralph Montague, we would like to invite you to join what we believe will be the start of the future of AEC innovation.

Discussion (2)

clivejordan profile image
Clive Jordan

Congratulations on creating a movement with awesome people and much needed mission!

bimgurugavin profile image
Gavin Crump

Interested to see where the platform goes in future. Congrats to the team.