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AecHive 2020 updates and our Xmas Gift to You

Tis’ the season, and from the team at AecHive, we wanted to thank you all very much for the part you played in the development of the AecHive community this year. Here are some of the things that we feel we should all be proud of for 2020:

  • Launch of the new community platform and growth of the platform membership to 350 fantastic innovators.

  • Assembled the largest collection of AEC focused podcasts on the internet, all discoverable and available to listen directly on our platform.

  • 22 new AecHive original podcasts were added on our channel where our quest to discuss innovation in the AEC sectors continued.

  • Commenced development of an open source standard for information container exchange between CDE solutions. (2021 can't wait for this one!)

  • There’s more ... We are excited to announce our latest feature to the platform; Listings - We are really excited about this feature as it gives YOU the platform to reach the wider community with all the innovative activity that you are partaking in or facilitating to help the industry improve. As a part of this release, we are gifting you 2 tokens to spend, so please check out the listings page and post your first job, business card or promote an event/webinar to the community as you choose. (Each listing costs 1 credit and if you need more, please contact us Tip: You can track the number of credits available to you on your dashboard).

That’s all from us - Have a very merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you to drive innovation in the sectors through 2021.

P.S - If you have feedback or comments on the work we are doing to provide this platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know how we are doing.


Ralph and John (co-founders@AecHive)

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Ravi Wood

Merry Christmas AECHIVE, Ralph and John Egan!