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What Do You Want from a Community Platform?

aecHive "Community Platform" is a dedicated space for people involved in AEC and interested in "innovation". This is your place, your space. Please let us know in the comments below, what you would like to get out of this platform, or even how you may be able to help the platform grow. We look forward to your suggestions and contributions.

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Kasper Miller • Edited on

IT would be great if AEChive could become a hub for sharing best practices.

I am thinking of a shared BIM Information Hub, with available best-practice templates, software templates, workflows and so forth. Similar to what Digital Bond Bryan has developed for their company (see picture).

The internet is already beyond cluttered with "surface-level" guidelines and tutorials showing how to use BIM application features or touching on the high-level requirements of BIM documents. However, having consumed many hundreds, if not thousands of hours of such media, I still have not come across proper hands-on, tangible material.


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Alan Mossman

Hi Kasper

I wonder if we don't each have to decide for ourselves what is appropriate for the specific situation(s) we face. In a complex adaptive system there can be no one-right-answer.

As Dave Snowden (see Ralph's post "Innovation, chaos, order" says, the concept of best practice assumes that a social system like the construction sector operates more like a machine than the complex adaptive system that it is.

The best we can do is have, and celebrate, "current good practice". A Danish furniture designer, Hans Wenger, said "Nothing is so good that it cannot be made better".